About us: Welcome to KPCS (UK)

An introduction will normally begin as..... We are a group of.....

This space indeed is to find out who we are? 

We are Kashmiri Pandits, scattered all over the world and slowly the community is seeming to disintegrate.

We are Kashmiri Pandits based in the UK and we have found other Kashmiri Pandits here, still looking for more.

We are proud of our culture and rich heritage - a happy group of people who like to have fun and wish to make a difference to the society we are living in.

In our group there are students studying in the UK, young professionals, those settled here for decades, those in the UK on short visits, those who were in the UK and now are elsewhere, those who plan on coming to the UK......basically we are just an ever growing family of KPs who meet regularly, do fun things, do socially relevant projects and give back to our society and community.

Meet the Team@KPCS

Founder and Executive Member
Twitter: @KaulLakshmi   Email:
A journalism and human rights graduate, Lakshmi specialises in development communications. Over the years, she has evolved as a culture ambassador and community worker. In the UK she leads a culture initiative SPIC MACAY - Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth ( Being a woman herself and a mother, Lakshmi encourages women of all age groups to bring out their strengths and use them for their own development as well as community building.

Executive Member & Heritage Lead
Twitter: @anu_handoo  Email:

Anupama Handoo was born in Srinagar, Kashmir at a time when Kashmiriat was still the living ethos amongst its people. Her family got scattered around the globe after 1989, like hundreds of thousand other Kashmiri Pandits. The sharp pang of love for our Maej Kashir always lives on in Anupama’s heart. An engineer through education and a civil servant in the UK government by profession, Anupama is also a Commonwealth scholar. Coming from a family of poets, Anupama writes poetry and prose on socio-political topics. She lives near London with her husband and two children. Anupama leads the Cultural and Heritage wing of Kashmiri Pandit Cultural Society (UK) – a non-profit community initiative. Her dream is that the next generation of Kashmiri Pandits are aware of their roots, speak good Kashmiri, and follow age old cultural and religious traditions.

Executive Member 
Twitter: @kapildhar Email:

Executive Member
Twitter: @shafalica  Email:

Shafalica Bhan Kotwal is a psychiatrist by profession and by heart a staunch supporter of all efforts focussed on maintaining the rich culture and traditions of the Kashmiri pandit community. Born and brought up in Srinagar she, like all of her family and friends had to leave her beloved homeland under duress on the 19th January 1989.Since 2000 as a resident of United Kingdom she has endeavoured to strengthen the foundations of the Kashmiri pandit community by participating in community building exercises and supporting all efforts to empower the marginalized community. She is married with two children and lives in Essex. Her dream is for all Kashmiri pandits to be able to return to their homes with honour and dignity and as equal stakeholders in the socio-political milieu of the state.

Executive Member

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