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An Indian in London: London Kauling!
It is very difficult to forget your first day in a foreign country. It would be impossible to forget the place if it happens to be London .
That is exactly what happened on one balmy summer day when I landed with my 4 year old son at Heathrow Airport London . We joined my wife who had been working here few months before in 1996 . we decided to take the Airport Coach to Hyde Park as we had no baggage ! More on that later.
London looked like a proper European country after the Heat & dust of Delhi !
Everything was so green. It was Saturday & people were playing Cricket around Hounslow area & near Osterly Rugby was being played on huge grassy fields !
Wow ! I told myself ! This is England the Country which gave India English language , Legal Rules , Administrative officers , Universities & Railways !
On the way to Central London I saw English Homes & pubs with funny names --- Rat & Parrot Pub , Rose & Crown Pub !
Famous Hyde Park took my breath away !
Shortly we reached Paddington our Destination.
St Marys' Hospital's family accommodation was not huge but was very cheap at £ 180 per month. For central London it was a laugh !!!
I could not sleep in the night as the local Map told me all famous areas of London were walking distance from our Norfolk Sq Apartment.
We also had a small problem !
Our baggage had not arrived with us ! During plane change at Huge Moscow Airport they had not transferred our luggage & we were told to fill a form at Heathrow n promised its delivery by same night !
I thought what nonsense. How would they deliver it later in the night !
It was a huge luggage. One of the perks of being a nice & friendly doctor at one of the premier Hospitals of India was that you knew lot of people including Travel agents & Airlines wallas !
My London ticket had cost me £ 100 ! But the catch was that i had to change Airplane at Moscow & was allowed any amount of baggage !
I had packed everything , right from my favourite eating Steel Thali to six months of food grains incl Dall. You never know in a foreign country if you would get your favourite pulses to survive ! & rice !
My personal luggage must have been over 100 Kgs !
That thought had occurred to me as to how we would take all this from the Airport to our Apartment after landing at Heathrow !
Opportunity presented itself in the form of lost luggage ! We filled few forms at Heathrow & we were promised luggage in our apartment the same night ! Impossible I thought !
At 11 pm our Apartment was rung by an Italian 'temping ' student in a van with our Luggage
A huge British Airways 'Sorry' Sticker was stuck to all the boxes !
Italian chap did not believe that it belonged to two people !
Howwaa didda they allowwaa you with so muchaa Luggagaa !
I told him that Indians travel very light !
Commonaa u Jokingaa !
I told myself , hugely impressed , the country works !
I told my wife & Kid that it was not for nothing British ruled us for 300 years !
They had a System , I summarised !
I got up early at 6 am with British Tourist map of London got at British library Delhi.
I told my wife that I will go for a quick dekko of the neighbourhood ! She did not look impressed ! Don't get lost in a new city she warned me !
Outside our Apartment it was already a busy place with Euro & Japanese tourists lugging their baggage on the pavements.
Our Apartment at Paddington , I discovered , was surrounded by London flats which were converted to Bed & Breakfast Hotels !
I looked at my Touristy London map & decided to touch Hyde Park then move on to Oxford Street via Marble Arch monument & half way up the Oxford Street take a lane behind it to walk on Famous Doctor's Clinic street called the Harley street & make my comeback in a loop via the Marylebone Road towards Paddington Apartment.
Off I went to the Italian Gardens part of Hyde park & there I discovered Dr Jenners statue ! See pic & plaque below.
I was very pleased with the fountains layout of this part of the Park with a Statue of a doctor who invented vaccination !
I walked towards Marble Arch area which was at the head of famous Oxford Street.
Famous Red London Route-master busses were all around it.
At Oxford street I realised how small London roads are as compared to what was in my mind in India about their size !
More importantly how silent & orderly the traffic was !
I did not hear anyone honk the horn !
I n India Horn sounding every few seconds is a second nature of a driver to announce his arrival !
I was very impressed with shops at Oxford street tho being close due to such early hour.
Huge Selfridges Store ! John Lewis ! Debbinhams ! Marks & Spencer stores.
I also discovered few shops of a place which I frequented often later on for my neck ties & silk handkerchiefs -the now defunct Tie Rack shop.
At the first big intersection of Oxford street , I had to take left towards Harley street area but looking right at the majestic Regent street I decided to follow on this Grand street ! !
Much bigger than Oxford street & it housed famous Liberty Store , Austin Reed store , Hamleys Toy Superstore , Barbour Store etc.
Hamleys toy store looked huge & I promised myself to bring my Son here as soon as.
At the End of Reagent store was World famous Piccadilly Circus with its famous Statue of Eros !
I had seen its Neon Lighted Colour Slide photos which dad had taken in 1950's.
It was definitely much smaller area than I had envisaged !
The Old advertisements of Lyons , TDK etc were replaced by newer Sony , Coke etc !
Walking up to here I told myself that wife would be cross by now.
I thought going back I would get the same amount of treatment & why not spend few more minutes to walk till Trafalgar Square !!! Map said it was only few streets away !
I could not wait !
Trafalgar Square was great ! Huge & Majestic. Surrounded by Roman Architecture of National Gallery & St Martins -in the fields Churchy building !
At Nelson's Column at Trafalgar Sq I could see the most famous clock tower in the World !
The Big Ben !
Had to walk up to it having come so close to it !
I missed my Wife by this time !!
I really got goosebumps when I stood face to face with Big Ben which stands majestically next to Houses of Parliament which I would visit many times since !
On my way back I did return from Harley street area !
Whole of London looked like some giant museum to me !
With blue Giant South Indian Thali sized blue Plagues reminding us
Charles Darwin lived here from 18-- to --!
"Florence Nightingale set off for Crimean war from this spot of Harley Street " !
Salvation Army was formed here !
Original Royal Society building was here !
I was , as if , entered some magical city !
On the way back I came Across the famous 221 B Baker Street Building of Sherlock Holmes !
The Bloody Sherlock Holmes !
The Fictious Character Receives a huge amount of mail at this address & had become a Shrine to him !
I was so impressed & happy to do this mini self tour of London till I met my not so impressed Wife at our Apartment at 11 am !
This tour was definitely worth more than the warm words of my wife !
Sexy voice is key to a woman's good looks, proves new research !!!!
But, hang on a minute, is she as good looking in the flesh as her sexy voice would have you think?
Scientists believe they have found evidence to prove women with sexy voices really are more likely to have attractive facial qualities such as higher cheekbones, softer jaw lines and fuller lips.
And their faces are usually symmetrical, supposedly a tell-tale sign of good genes. New research goes some way to explaining why women with famously sultry voices, such as actresses Michelle Pfeiffer and Scarlett Johansson, look just as attractive as they sound.
Scientists at the University of Vienna in Austria photographed 42 female students and recorded them speaking normally. Their voices were then played to a panel of men and those who were deemed to sound more attractive generally were when seen in the flesh.
The findings have led researchers to conclude that men have evolved to use the sound of a woman’s voice as a “back-up signal” to help gauge how fertile they are.
Tail piece : Contributor Dr Bimal Singh my Medical College buddy !
Test Your Brain
This is really cool.
(I love this part.. It’s absolutely amazing!)
*Count every "F" in the following text:*
Count them again.
WRONG, THERE ARE 6 -- no joke..
Really, go Back and Try to find the 6 'F's before you scroll down.
The reasoning behind this is further down.
The brain cannot process "OF".
Incredible or what?
Anyone who counts all 6 'F's on the first go is a genius.
*Three is normal*, *four is quite rare*.

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