Wednesday, 4 January 2017

27 Years in Exile: We Remember

A lot of Hard work and convincing has gone into documenting the heartbreaking stories of community members who had to leave their centuries old abode due to the madness that plaugued Kashmir valley in 1989/90.
Since these are personal emotional accounts of the turmoil and the nightmare families had to go through , it remained etched inside memories and every time one would try to speak or think about it , a lump would block the throat.
All those who consider that the truth should come out , or who share the pain of being exterminated or being thrown out of their land should read these personal accounts to find out the real story of human tragedy , which has remained largely untold .
Available on Amazon for £2 and in print for £5 ( plus postage) to despatch in UK.
Brought to you by KPCS UK , compiled by Anupama Handoo.
Order your copy now.

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