Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Making of London Tulmul (Kheerbhawani) Festival 2014 in Pictures...

When the banner was put up outside the temple..

Getting the Hawan area ready...

Meenakshi Labroo, getting the prasad ready..chop chop chop!

Sound Testing!! Vinod Tikoo and Pankaj Raina

Sound Testing!! Anupama Handoo and Shiven Raina :)

Team KPCS rocks!! Vinod Tikoo, Shafalica Bhan Kotwal, Anupama Handoo, Mridula Kaul, Nainika Tikoo

We always have time for Selfies....Lakshmi Kaul, Shafalica Bhan Kotwal & Ishita Pandita
The Prep-Meeting and Dry Run...Shafalica Bhan Kotwal, Mridula Kaul and Sarchana Bakshi
The Prep-Meeting...all about Kal-Doads!! Anupama Handoo, Shafalica Bhan Kotwal & Vinod Tikoo

Bhajan Mandli practice - Mridula Kaul, Shafalica, Sarchana Bakshi, Ishita Pandita, Sandeep Pandita, Sunil Bhat, Ashutosh Bakshi

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