Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Innaugural KPCS Professional Conclave: 2nd August 2014

First KPCS Professional Conclave, Luton held on 2nd Aug 2014

In an attempt to bring together, KP professionals from all walks of life the first KPCS Professional Conclave was held in Luton recently. Attended by top professionals and entrepreneurs from the KP community living in the UK, this half a day programme was very well received. 

Professional presentations on topics ranging from healthcare to bio-medical research and innovation, alternative careers like civil services, shipping and entrepreneurship were presented and discussed. 

Topics discussed: 
1.How to maximize NHS care - Dr. Sundeep Kaul
2. Marine pilot - as a career - Mr. Pankaj Raina
3. Enterpreneurship awareness - Mr. Sanjay Razdan
4. Changing Careers & Civil Services as a career - Ms. Mridula Kaul
3D image proceeding for preoperative planning and new prosthesis design & development - Dr. Ashwani Harkara

The Conclave is the brainchild of Ashish Raina and Vinod Tikoo. Here is what Ashish says what the Conclave is about:

"It's about Today and Tomorrow. Today most of is have professional occupations that were all proud of. As a community we believe due to this we're a powerhouse. But a powerhouse has many generators working together for the same goal, paths may be different and that's what makes it a Powerhouse. So first thing what can we do today that following our individual paths we can contribute to - and benefit from the Powerhouse. The answer for me is simple- Connect professionally, share and grow together. If we do that today we are then creating a platform for our future generations to plug into this Powerhouse for Learning, Inspiration, Guidance, Growth. And this is building an economically and socially cohesive, potent and forward thinking community where it's not only the social and heritage that binds us together but more importantly a very good professional reason to be together. That I believe can only be good."

If you would like to find out more and participate in future Professional Conclaves please write to us using the contact form on our homepage. 

-Team@KPCS, UK

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