Tuesday, 20 January 2015

BOOK RELEASE: We Remember 25 Years in Exile

Kashmiri Pandits Cultural Society, UK compiled a set of first person accounts of the KP exodus contributed by the victims, now residing in the UK. The book is a set of 25 such stories called "We Remember: 19.01.1990". It was showcased at the Memorial Event at House of Commons on 19th Jan 2015 and inaugurated by Bob Blackman MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group of British Hindus and Barry Gardiner MP. 

Anupama Handoo, Executive Member, KPCS UK and Editor, We Remember: 19.01.1990 says, "It was extremely hard for people to put down their pain on paper. It meant revisiting again and again that horrid winter and spelling out the details from their memory. The horrifying winter over 25 years that they have tried to overcome, they had to revisit and recollect. The contributors have been extremely brave in putting these memories down for the world to read. I commend their effort and courage."

"These stories are first person accounts of individuals and families that suffered. This is agony put on paper of the Kashmiri Hindus who were forced to flee. This is our story for the world to read. These are our wounds, the ones that have not healed. The years may have moved on but time stopped, childhood wiped out and a whole generation lost", says Lakshmi Kaul, Founder & Executive Member, Kashmiri Pandits Cultural Society, UK. Lakshmi is one of the contributors in the book.

The book may be requested via email ( upon a modest donation of £5 (for UK & Europe) and a special discounted rate of INR 200 for India.  Funds raised will be utilised for future work and projects to preserve the heritage and culture of Kashmri Hindus.

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