Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Historic Early Day Motion in British Parliament: Team@KPCS take it to the next level

A historic thing happened on 20th Jan 2015. An Early Day Motion on the Kashmiri Hindus Forced Exodus Day has been tabled in the British Parliament by Bob Blackman MP (Harrow East), facilitated by the All Party Parliamentary Group of British Hindus.

Team@KPCS was approached by the Secretariat of the APPG of British Hindus discussing that such an important EDM may help in building awarenesss among parliamentarians. A brilliant and brave step forward, to further the awareness about the Forced Exodus, KPCS supported the suggestion wholeheartedly and drafted the text of the EDM with help from senior political analysts.


A social media campaign: #SupportEDM712 has been designed to build awareness about the KP Forced Exodus and to get more and more MPs to sign in.

What we as individuals can do?

What we need to do is to write to our local MPs - and it is very important we all do this - as many people writing is better for putting pressure. We need to write to our local MPs and urge them to sign it and support it. 

You don't need to be a Kashmiri Hindu in order to write to your MP urging them to sign this EDM 712. Any humanitarian and well meaning individual, can do that. Infact, we urge every one of you to take it upon yourself as your personal and moral responsibility to do it.

How to find your MP?

In the search box on the page in link below...enter your postcode and search for your local MP accordingly:


That this House commemorates with deep sadness the 25th anniversary of the attack in January 1990 by cross-border Islamic militants on the population of Jammu and Kashmir; expresses its condolences to the families and friends of all those who were killed, raped and injured in this massacre and also condemns the desecration of the holiest sites in Jammu and Kashmir; further expresses its concern that the Kashmiris who fled to save life and limb have still not secured justice for the atrocities committed against them; deplores those sponsoring such cross-border terrorist attacks and demands they cease immediately; and notes that the international principle of the responsibility to protect obliges individual states and the international community to take effective measures to prevent the commission of genocide and crimes against humanity as seen against the Kashmiri Hindu community.

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