Friday, 10 October 2014

Diwali Celebrations and an ode to Team@KPCS!

By Anupama Handoo, Executive Member and Heritage Lead, Team@KPCS

The much anticipated KPCS Diwali party was a grand success... Vivek Kaul ji has been sharing some fantastic pictures... Thank you! A lot is being said aboutLakshmi Kaul and Anupama Handoo combo... some stuff very good (thanks guys totally flattered ;)) and some non-issues as expected (yawn!!). I have been wanting to set a fact straight... but have been getting distracted (yawn!!!).

What I have been dying to say is: My friends, the success of the Diwali party is down to only one thing - TEAM@KPCS. Kapil Dhar Shivas Bhat Shafalica Bhan Kotwal and Lakshmi - you guys are so selfless and hardworking and so damn focused... WOW!! It was like Arjun's teer - nishane par!!! Well done guys and Salut! You haven't stopped working for the party ever since it was announced and that is what made all the difference. We rocked it again guys.... muah and nalmots!

As my father Ashok Handoo Khamosh said on the way back- the success of any occasion is measured by how much the people felt engaged. It was all about celebrating talent, our kids, our successes and our camaraderie. it was about our 1st KPCS Community award winners: Meenakshi Labroo Sunny Kaul , Vivek Kaul ji, Neetu Jalali and Ashish Raina.
It was about MP Bob Blackman talking about Kashmiri cause- about Kashmir being an inseparable part of India, about him being our advocate for the past 25 years.

It was about the untiring support our kids and families give us when we (Champagne lovers;)) go out and rock the status quo on Kashmiri Pandits cause.Pankaj Raina Vinod Tikoo Chandan Kotwal Rashmi Razdan Nidhi Raina Bhat.

All said and done, ultimately it was our talented kids that stole the show- Congratulating the proud parents: Dev Dhar & Natasha Dhar; Raynoo Mattoo;Seemant Pandita Pooja-Gadoo Wahi. super proud of all you kiddos.. lasiv t pholiv. It was about having fun with hamara bacchas Shivani Bhat Anisha Safaya Mitesh Solanki Tejas, Tanishq, Shivani, Sharika, Bill - our youth our future. I am so proud of how you just soaked up the koshur ishtyle fun and went with the flow (not an ipad in sight!!!).

A special thanks to Dr. Shibhan Durani for giving away the Children's Medals and to Sunil Bakshi for all your help.
So.. the point I was making is this- It was the TEAM@KPCS that rocked last night.. and here is my toast to all those future events with our family that are yet to come. Love you all- Sezar, Pazzar t Srotchar.

With blessings from Elders and love to the younger ones!

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