Tuesday, 14 October 2014

All Night Long!

Report on ‪#‎DiwaliParty‬ by Dr. Vivek Kaul

One is very fortunate to be born in a Great family of humanist. 
One is lucky to be born in a Beautiful place.
One is blessed to be born in a 100 percent noble community !
It is a rare privilege & honour to have been bestowed with all of the three above !
Those were my thoughts when I attended our Annual Kashmir Pandit Diwali Gala Dinner Yesterday in London !
I really felt truly honoured to be part of a community which thinks nothing but goodness of Mankind !
I have not come across such a community in my life. Individuals I have met but not a community with such a ethos.
Hatred is never a part of our family education from Childhood which reflecting back is such a great education to receive in a World full of Hatred.
Yesterday's party was a resounding success mainly due to such a decent group of people & have to raise my hats to Lakshmi Kaul ji aka Laks & Anupama Handoo ji.

Super Turbo charged duo they are.
Unique feature of the Party was the due importance given to kids !
Never have I attended a party with Kids being the focus of attention.
Whether it was fashion ramp walk , Dances , Song singing , Piano recitals , prize receiving -Kids were everywhere & were beaming with happiness.
This I think was the Hallmark of this very successful evening.

A Special Salute to Bob Blackman MP for coming to his 9th & Final Diwali function of the day.
He spoke so well about contributions made by Gentle Peace loving Hindu community of GB & welcomed newest entrant , the Kashmiri Pandits to this very elite & humane group of super citizens & role models to other immigrant communities of the UK !
Hope we all keep on positively contributing to the welfare of planet earth

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