Sunday, 26 October 2014

KPCS Annual Awards 2014

By Lakshmi Kaul, Founder & Executive Member, Team@KPCS
Bob Blackman MP receives a token of love
from Neetu Jalali (Zafran) on behalf of Team@KPCS

At the Grand Diwali Party this year, the KPCS Annual Awards were given to key role models in the community who have made a positive contribution to the various areas of work. The awards were presented by the Chairman of All Party Parliamentary Group for British HindusBob Blackman MP (Harrow East constituency). 

The award for Exemplary Community Service was given to Dr. Sundeep Kaul (Sunny bhaiya) from Sutton-Coldfield. 

For his contribution to Political Activism & Awareness of KP CauseDr.Vivek Kaul from Oxford was awarded the trophy. 

One of the integral aspects of KP heritage is the various religious traditions that are fast approaching endangerment. The award for Promotion of KP Religious Traditions was presented to Mrs. Meenakshi Labroo from Croydon.

The softer power of any community is its cultural heritage and arts. For her development and promotion of the Kashmiri handicrafts and ensemble as well as the Kashmiri Language, Neetu Jalali Singla from Epsom was given the award for Preservation & Promotion of KP Culture & Heritage.

KPCS has not only grown within the UK but its work and team has extended beyond the barriers of geograpy. One person who single handedly established the international community building for Team@KPCS, helping build global perspective within our work is Vinod Tikoo from Isleworth who received the award for Community Building & Global Networking.

We at KPCS love new ideas and earlier this year, we initiated a fantastic initiative called the KP Professional Conclave to encourage professional development and mentorship within the community. To recognise this key contribution of Ashish Raina from Luton, he was awarded the trophy for his contribution to Entrepreneurship & Professional Excellence. Dr. Shiben Durani received the award on behalf of Ashish on the evening, in his absence.

Bob Blackman MP addressing Team@KPCS at the Diwali party
Dr. Maharaj Kishen Ghassi congratulating Bob Blackman MP
for his contribution to the KP Cause. 

Kashmiri Pandits Cultural Society, UK (KPCS, UK) has grown and progressed as a people's movement. The various activities, our engagement with each other and also with KPs all over the world has created KPCS as a brand to reckon with. We have achieved big things together and the community is closer, more Koshur than ever before in this country.

In doing all the work, we have seen a few of us emerge as clear role models and harbingers of either chsnge or ideas that have fiercely shaped into full fledged projects. Excellence has been at the core of our work administered with utmost professionalism.

We do say our thankyous very promptly and recognise all contribution made by members across the board.

The Annual Awards are simply an extension of the year's achievements and meant to acknowledge certain role models and achievers who have made a big difference to the community. This they may have done by achieving a National or International recognition for their work/sport etc or they may have achieved this by taking up a challenge and encouraging others to do thereby making the KP community proud. The element of service in a community ranks highest and the selfless service must be recognised so more of us take it upon as our moral and personal responsibility for our community.

Our key thematic areas of work are:
1. Political engagement
2. Religious
3. Professional
4. Culture and Heritage
5. External Engagement and Networking
6. Community Service

The awards, to tie in with the basic premise of our work and in steering the direction of our work ought to recognise contribution in these areas.

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